A truly sustainable city – what is it really? What does it look like and how does it work? This is what we aim to find out, and to do so we are arranging an international workshop on May 8-11, 2017. Our hope of course is that as many as possible will want to attend and contribute with their knowledge and insight. We welcome expressions of interest from international teams to become one of the three teams for the assignment. For further details, please see the invitation below. 

Norra Kymlinge, a wooded greenfield site, approximately 55 hectares in size and located in north Stockholm, is owned by Vasakronan. Located beside a nature reserve, it has an unopened underground station in the middle. From the station, the travelling time from central Stockholm would be just 15 minutes.

Vasakronan is currently running a project aimed at developing know-how related to the planning and construction of sustainable, resilient city districts that are at the forefront of innovation and development. Norra Kymlinge will be an example in practice; a district that in the future will be worthy of the accolade “the best city district for the world”.

Sustainable cities of the future must generate value. They must act as organisms within an ecosystem in which there is no waste; simply transformation of resources into something that can be used by others. In the light of the slow rate at which cities are changing, it is not sufficient for new districts to simply achieve a ‘no net loss’ level. We need to go beyond that point and create urban settlements that contribute more than they consume.

In our work, we have asked more questions than we have answers. We need to continue to build up knowledge about what goes into creating truly sustainable cities. To deal with this issue and to delve more deeply, we invite you to take up the challenge of designing a city district that meets the requirements for strong sustainability. A district where we can enjoy a high quality of life within planetary boundaries.

This is an ambitious initiative to say the least. We know that no one has all the answers to how we will achieve our goal. But asking questions and aiming high are crucial if we are to bring about change. In most instances, asking the right questions is just as important as finding the right answers.

Norra Kymlinge is an excellent location for a testbed where we can develop know-how related to the creation of truly sustainable cities. As we enter the next phase of the project, we would like you to join us on our journey by taking part in our international workshop on May 8-11, 2017.


Anna Denell, Sustainability Director, Vasakronan

Per Thiberg, Head of Business Development, Vasakronan

Mats Enander, Property Development Officer, Vasakronan

If you have any questions regarding the invitation or the workshop, please contact project leader Peter Lindroos, Urban Minds, before March 17, 2017.


We are looking for three teams, each comprising 4-6 persons, and where each team member has leading expertise in issues relating to sustainable urban development. During the workshop, the teams will work together and individually to develop and apply their leading visionary expertise by preparing proposals (prototypes) for the urban development of Norra Kymlinge.

The assignment is divided into three parts; the involvement of the team leader in a two-day start-up meeting; the involvement of the whole team in a four-day workshop; final documentation, including prototypes that have been revised and refined, to be delivered two weeks after the workshop. Those that qualify for the assignment will each receive a fee of €30,000, excluding VAT.

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