Future-proof cities for everyone, where people and companies thrive

We think planning and building cities that affect people's social interactions and everyday life as positively as possible is a fun challenge, and we accept it with great commitment.

Places where people want to be

As a city developer, Vasakronan wants to create the best conditions for organisations who want to be seen and operate in the city. We do this in a variety of ways. Sometimes through major structural changes, such as the area around Sergelhusen in central Stockholm. Other times by creating a robust

mix of activity, services, retail and cultural spaces at street level. The actors and businesses at street level are very important for the total experience of our neighbourhoods and, subsequently, our business. What happens at eye level is always intended to attract people and create a context where people and operations want to be, which also strengthens our ability to let premises higher up in the building.

When we develop our areas, we base our decisions on our vision of future-proof cities for everyone, where people and companies thrive. We work strategically and over the long term, based on the insight that every street or area has its character and its potential. We also take active responsibility for creating comfortable green urban environments that are accessible and inclusive. They should feel comfortable and safe at all hours of the day, and we take people as well as the environment into account.

To create attractive neighbourhoods, we need to mix. Mixing offices, residences, services and retail that attract a variety of people and operations is what creates a dynamic city. And that is where we can contribute. Vasakronan’s property portfolio is in prime locations in Sweden’s largest growth regions. Often with good access to public transport. We often own several properties in the same neighbourhood, which gives us good opportunities to take responsibility for actively developing the entire area, independently or in partnerships with property owners, municipalities or other actors in the area.

Sergelgatan is one of Sweden's first pedestrian streets. The street recently went through a redevelopment and offers urban shopping, art, culture, digital experiences, neighborhood pubs and after-work hangouts.

Our vision is to create future-proof cities for everyone, where people and companies thrive.