Our vision

Our vision is to create future-proof cities for everyone where people and companies thrive.

People make the city

What is the city but the people? Even in the 1500s, Shakespeare knew that it was people that made a city, rather than the reverse. But what kind of city do people want? In the 60s, when the Klara neighbourhood was torn down and the “new” city emerged, it was built around cars. People moved underground. This kind of city planning would be unthinkable today.

Creating safe environments

Closed ground floors, offices where the area dies after five o’clock, barriers that prevent us from seeing or being seen from long distances. These are just a few examples of what creates an unsafe space and an unsafe city. When we build, we have to build in differences. Mix offices and residential, find businesses that are open other hours, or all hours. Simply creating an equal, safe city for everyone.

Creating opportunities

Urban development can tear down barriers. If we create people-oriented spaces that are accessible, safe and attractive, people will use them. At Hötorgsterrassen, our green oasis in the middle of the city, we offer everything from morning yoga, cross fit, lectures, art exhibitions, urban gardening for children, night markets and concerts. All we do is provide a pleasant environment. And lift a few food trucks into place, of course.


We found art in a hopeless place

When we have the chance, we turn everything upside down. That is why we took our dullest environments – garage doors – and transformed them to a fantastic, exciting art project with more than 50 women artists. #ArtMadeThis – a collaboration between Vasakronan and creator/curator/creative director Ali Davoodi.

Smart & Klart – it doesn’t get any easier

So much is changing quickly these days. This has led to quickly-changing office needs and flexibility has become a keyword. We see this every day with our tenants. We think that the solution is simple, but smart. Renting an office that is already finished. No complicated contracts, everything is already up and running. All you have to do is sit down and get to work.

Hötorgsterrassen – an urban social space full of life

From a messy public space to blossoming urban life. Vasakronan has opened up Hötorgsterrassen again, after 40 years of disuse. It was finished in the summer of 2015, an attractive city park for Stockholmers and tourists, filled with life and activities. Hötorgsterrassen’s form always changes a little bit every year. Open May – September!


The biggest should be the kindest

Vasakronan is Sweden’s largest property company. With this comes responsibility and opportunities. The possibility of finding new ways for the city to grow together with the people who will live, work and socialise there. The responsibility to drive and be active in this growth.

We affect people, which affects us

We primarily affect the people that work with us – our employees, our suppliers and our tenants – but also the people who pass by or spend time around our properties. We also want to actively contribute on current issues and challenges in society that are outside our immediate impact. This can be through our own efforts or through collaborating with other organisations.

Sustainability in everything we do

All of our leases are green leases. From 2017, we only sign green leases with our tenants. This includes requiring the customer to use renewable energy. Additionally, we environmentally certify our properties, reduce our emissions and increase the share of self-produced energy (for example, through solar photovoltaic systems) at our properties. You can read everything about this in our annual report.

Finding the perfect mix for the modern city

Once upon a time, the vision was that we would live in one place and work in another, and never the twain shall meet. Thankfully, the picture looks different today. To create lively environments, we need to mix. We need all kinds of people and all kinds of functions. Mixing offices, residences, culture and retail is what creates a dynamic, lively city. And that is where we can contribute. In the buildings we own, we try to think about all types of people, not only on the inside but also on the outside.

At the end of 2022, we had 86 solar photovoltaic systems in operation, meaning that about half of the buildings we own has solar photovoltaics. Since 2008, we have more than halved our energy consumption.
We strive to reduce construction waste, for example through reuse. At Sergelhuset, 40 tons of construction material have been reused in other construction, the majority of which is old concrete.
Our goal is to have no workplace accidents at our construction sites. To that end, we actively participate in Håll Nollan (Keep to Zero), an industry initiative for safe construction sites.

Vasakronan creates lively city shopping in Sweden’s largest cities

To create life and activity in a place or a street, you need a clear strategy. Few places are spontaneously bustling and attractive. There is often a long-term effort behind them. We are aware of this at Vasakronan, and so we have developed strategies for all of our retail streets. They describe how we develop our streets so that they remain relevant destinations. We develop an identity for our retail streets, working in four different dimensions.


What the place has to offer, what you can see, buy, eat, and do there.

The environment

How do I feel when I’m there? Is it hard, soft, light, lively?


How do we behave there? Is it somewhere to linger, or is it somewhere to quickly and easily run many errands?


What do I encounter there? Is it the gushing sound of a fountain, or do neon signs keep me updated by announcing the latest news?



We have a total of 310,000 square metres of retail space in the country’s largest cities
With more than 760 retail premises in our holding, we can offer everything from two-storey premises in prime locations to smaller premises suitable for start-ups and e-commerce companies
Stores that rent from us have a total of around SEK 10 billion in sales