Governance and Control

It’s about doing the right thing

How we apply governance

We combat corruption and other improprieties in several different ways. All of our employees and suppliers are expected to comply with the applicable laws and regulations as well as the policies and codes of conduct that we have prepared.

The codes of conduct are available in our ESG Library, where you will find guidelines, policies, reports and other documents that are relevant to our work with sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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If you have any suspicion of any wrongdoing – you can report it. Vasakronan has a whistle-blower function and a Compliance Officer (CO) tasked with managing issues of improper conduct and deficient compliance with regulations in the company.

Employees are to turn to the CO with suspicions of improper conduct or crime and to transfer responsibility for further investigation of the issue. The CO at Vasakronan is the General Counsel.

Instruction for the whistle-blower function

There is also an external whistle-blower function that both employees and external parties, such as customers and suppliers, can contact anonymously. Interaktiv Säkerhet is Vasakronan’s external whistle-blower function. The company acts as a representative for Vasakronan and guarantees the anonymity of the person notifying. Customers, suppliers and other stakeholders can turn to Interaktiv Säkerhet to make a report.

This is how you can make a report:

Notify the Compliance Officer, Sheila Florell

Any communication with the Compliance Officer is encompassed by the freedom to provide information rules. This means that the Compliance Officer has an obligation of confidentiality regarding the identity of the individual providing the information. You can reach Sheila Florell by e-mail: or by telephone: 08-566 205 56

Make a report to Interaktiv Säkerhet

There are four different ways to make a report to Interaktiv Säkerhet:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire
  2. Call Interaktiv Säkerhet on weekdays between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Tel: +46 770 455 580.
  3. By e-mail to
  4. By sending your report by post to the following address:
    Interaktiv Säkerhet i Norden AB;
    Norrgatan 10
    432 41 Varberg

Do you have any questions about Vasakronan’s code of conduct?
Contact Sheila Florell for assistance.

Sheila Florell
Compliance Officer Sheila Florell 070-968 15 56 · 08-566 205 56