Commercial paper

Vasakronan utilises commercial paper for its short-term funding. Commercial paper is issued with tenors of less than one year and is usually rolled over on its maturity date.

Commercial paper programme

Last updated 2018
Size SEK 25,000 million
Maturity Max. one year
Governing law Swedish
Arranger SEB
Change of control clause The right to early redemption is triggered when shares representing at least 51% of the votes in the Company are not owned, directly or indirectly, by one or more of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Swedish national pension funds. The redemption date is the date 30 days after notice of the change of control has been received by the Noteholder.
Issuing and paying agent Svenska Handelsbanken
Clearingsystem Euroclear Sweden

Vasakronan listing document (Swedish)


Vasakronan offers green commercial paper where the funds raised are earmarked for green assets. The paper is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s green commercial paper list – Sustainable Commercial Paper. Refer to Green financing for additional information on green commercial paper and green bonds.

Issuing Agent

Danske Bank

Beshad Shadvari, +46 (0)8-568 806 09,


Camilla Ohlsson, +46 (0)8 473 48 78,


Tommy Antic, +46 (0)8 463 45 48,
William Ekblom, +46 (0)8 463 36 07,


Thorbjörn Carlsson


Gabriel Von Seth
Sekou “Ck” Soumaoro


Jan Klaar, +46 (0)8 700 99 10,
Åsa Spetz,+46 (0)8 700 94 33,

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