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Publicerad: 2014-11-04

Hur går det nu för Victoria's Secret?

I september öppnade Victoria's Secret sin första butik i Stockholm. Öppningen blev lyckad. Men hur går det nu?
Vi ställde några snabba frågor till Fotis Kalamatianos, Director, Store Network Development. Så här säger han:

Victorias Secret Stockholm

The queues were long on opening day and even the day after. How would you describe visitors statistics now – a few weeks later?

– Customers, especially women 18-35 years old, continue to show an amazing interest in the brand. Among the best selling categories are Panties and the Fantasies Line (Body Care)

What are Victoria Secrets expansion plans, will we see you open more stores in other locations?

– Not much to share here, as this mainly refers to Victoria’s Secret expansion plans. However we can state that after the succesful launch of Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories in the travel retail industry, the brand is currently interested in developing into the local market

What concepts are considered for a possible expansion in Sweden?

– There are expansion plans for Sweden, using the same succesful concept of Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories.

Finally, we’ve heard that sales during the opening day were very successful. What are sales like now? Is it as you would have expected for this kind of retail location?

– Sales and traffic continue to experience a steady, high trend, exceeding our expectations, ends Fotis Kalamatianos.